Desi Khand (900 Gm)

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Desi Khand is a raw unrefined organic sweetener powder and the best alternative to regular processed sugar. Desi Khand is good for health as it is prepared with useful minerals and nutritious fibers. 

Pure Desi Khand is prepared with fine sugarcanes and is highly recommendable for preparing desserts. It is beneficial for healthy digestion and restoring a healthy quantity of blood in the body.  

Shift from regular sugar to Desi Khand can be helpful in diabetes, joint pains, and even in weight loss. 

Kutbi desi Khand is prepared with a handmade process of boiling sugarcane juice with organic cow milk and then converted to liquid jaggery stage then it is placed in pots & shaken foe 3 days for natural crystalization and is cleaned in two processes first by milk & second by water and then stored.




For preparing liquid jaggery to manufacture desi Khand in KUTBI, mineral water, and organic cow milk are used. Our process is chemical-free and hence, you cherish a better and disease-free healthy life.

  • Our desi Khand is free from chemical preservatives and catalysts and is processed through an entirely organic process.
  • It is the tastier and healthier substitute for sugar and can directly be added to desserts and beverages.
  • It is nutritious and contains useful fibers and nutrients for contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

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Desi Khand

Net Weight- 900g

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2 reviews for Desi Khand (900 Gm)

  1. Sapna

    Very good product, i use in homemade sweet….no chinni

  2. Usha

    Good alternative of sugar

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